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They also attack Biden for writing out his speeches before he gives them. They think that politicians normally just rant incoherently for 2 hours and that its a sign of weakness to write out a speech before you give it. We live in an insane time where surrounding yourself with capable people who can help recommend strategies turns into conspiracy theories that Biden is controlled by handlers. They’ll attack for anything and everything at this point, they’re acting in bad faith and working in a post-truth media environment. I don’t see how America gets deprogrammed at this point.

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Then do it? Use some of that 370 million to buy a domain like. “Trump’s lies.com” and have fact-checkers ready to refute his lies in real-time. Then during the debate Biden can just say “That is a lie..go to trumplies.com and we have a video of you saying that thing you just lied about” If anything, here’s the trick – no life to air debates. Everything gets aired in its entirety so no one gets to creatively edit, but everything gets aired 12 hours later when both candidates’ statements have been fact-checked on screen.