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During the 2000 campaign when he ran under the Reform Party, he cited David Duke’s influence on the Reform Part as a reason he was dropping out. That fucker knew exactly who David Duke when he said he had no idea who he was, the only difference between then and 2000 is that he knows he needs their votes. All he had to say is “racism is wrong/I denounce white supremacy” but instead he completely avoided the question then tried pushing the subject and blame onto “the left” and saying they’re the violent ones followed by “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by”. Holy fuck this is fucked.

The Great Trumpkin Believer 2020 Vintage Shirt


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I was a Republican until trump got the nomination initially. My family still is, they just think the democrats are just as Corrupt and bad. Also, Fox News does an absolutely AMAZING job of spinning his statements as somehow genius, sarcasm, or jokes to own the libs. That and fact-checked Facebook articles becoming water cooler talk at work. People don’t realize where their “informed” pal at work gets his news. This is the part I have a hard time with. Why do they want that? If a Democrat came out and all they did was poke fun at Republicans and mock them, no one would vote for them.