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I hope one or two people go on record to take all doubt from people’s minds, I have no doubts that he is capable of these statements, his lack of Empathy and Sacrifice is apparent, along with his history of calling people Losers and disparaging remarks about military veterans. Whoever talks is going to get a mountain of death threats which has become an acceptable censorship tool used by supporters of the right-wing. They managed to kill kits if stories including the rape allegation against Trump by a woman who was so scared, she refused to go public.

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I wonder if there are other juicy tidbits that Democratic leadership has been sitting on till now when Trump is really committed as the republican choice and the campaigning is getting going. If they weren’t too hard to fast, maybe Trump wouldn’t run – but if they wait with the dirt they could have a much easier opponent in Trump than otherwise. Trump’s pathetic draft-dodging ass insulting soldiers and war heroes is nothing new. Still blows my mind that his supporters are the party that worships the military as he shits all over them. Party over principles, time and time again. Just move the mental goalposts.