That’s What I Do I Sleep With The Dm And I Know Things Shirt

Man-made diamonds are great! Also, there are so many diamonds in the world that they actually are not worth what we think they are. A $2000 diamond is worth more like $50. The blood diamond monopoly has us all whipped. Buy them second hand if you have to or go man-made, but better yet get something else. My wedding ring is a sapphire and it’s so much more interesting! Cows need to get pregnant before they’ll produce milk, and milk production only lasts about 10 months after that in dairy cows. So dairy cows are forcibly impregnated about once a year by farmers/breeders using special devices, in order to ensure continuous milk production. The cows live around 4-6 years before being sent to slaughter and have around 2-4 calves. If raised as pets, cows live 18-22 years.

That’s What I Do I Sleep With The Dm And I Know Things Shirt

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Edit: these things are generally true of the large-scale industrial farms that are optimizing for cost and supply the bulk of our dairy/eggs. Smaller operations can do considerably better, but it often takes some research and a little extra effort to find them. Different kinds of chickens are preferred for meat vs. egg production, so when raising chickens for eggs, it’s not cost-effective to raise the male chicks. They’re all killed as young as possible to minimize waste. Maceration is common (smashing them instantly) because it’s fastest and thus most humane.

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