That’s What I Do I Save Lives And I Know Things Cat Firefighter Shirt

All of our schools are closed and all of our bars and restaurants are closed in my state (except for allowing takeout/delivery). When people keep saying we aren’t doing anything, I feel like that’s false. Yes, we acted late, but at this point, all we can do is work with the present and do what we can right now… Hopefully, more and more states will also close their schools and close other businesses down for the next few weeks. Because they don’t believe it. They think it lies like a lot of media is. This is why the integrity of the media is important especially when the government is an unreliable source for facts.

That’s What I Do I Save Lives And I Know Things Cat Firefighter Shirt


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Willful ignorance is astoundingly damaging in all facets of life, but particularly those that affect everyone’s health and safety. I hope it doesn’t take an “I told you so” moment to wake up your fiance and others like her, but sometimes that’s the only thing that convinces people to pay attention. Unfortunately, by then, it’s too late. For those of us paying attention and looking out for everyone else’s well-being, it’s frustrating, to be sure.