Teacher Quarantined Promoted To Stay At Home Cat Mom Shirt

I was diagnosed with C. diff. back in May, and despite having some of the best private insurance available (TRICARE) thanks to being a dependent of a military veteran, it still cost me close to $500 without of pocket costs. A screening colonoscopy is only required by law to be covered if you’re above the age of 50, otherwise you’re looking at a $3000 procedure unless you have something else seriously wrong like I did.

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Teacher Quarantined Promoted To Stay At Home Cat Mom Shirt

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My friend had a lump in her breast which turned out to be nothing. Still, at the time, she said she was just going to roll the dice and not go to the doctor. Why? Because she wasn’t under any insurance and wasn’t going to put the burden on her grandmother to foot any bill. Shame and embarrassment is not the only reason for keeping people from preventative care. If you live in the US, it can cost a lot to get checked out for GI problems.

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