Teacher Because My Letter Never Came to Halloween Shirt

I’ve been struggling with sciatica for the past 15 years and the longest periods of time without any flare-ups were when I was consistent with yoga and weight lifting. Also, when the pain is mild to medium, there are some physical exercises that help alleviate it: you can search for Bob & Brad on YouTube, they have plenty of videos on the subject. Thanks to everyone that has offered kind words of support. Y’all literally feel my pain and while misery loves company.

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Teacher Because My Letter Never Came Halloween Shirt

Travel, specifically solo travel. I’ve been all over the world by myself and the best memories are the ones unplanned. I make friends super easy and I’m that typical loud, huggy Texan so people are generally warm to me minus Germany. I’ve been invited to eat dinner at peoples homes, share a pint at a bar, and hike cliffs with someone that doesn’t share the same language

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