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Happened to a friend of mine. He was with this girl for about 5 years and they were engaged for about two before they finally walked down the aisle. He said it was like a switch got flipped almost immediately after the ceremony and honeymoon. Before the wedding, she enjoyed being around him and wanting to make plans for the future and then the next she began to go out every night. It came out that she was cheating on him for 6/9 months they were married.

Sweet Santa’s Favorite Optometrist Christmas Shirt


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I was with my ex for thirteen years, we got married after that, we were on our honey moon nice little Cruz from Seattle to Alaska. No cell service 98% of the time. We get back into service in Seattle and I have a lot of messages Come in from a co-worker. So I’m like hey that’s odd honey this girl from work has sent me 10 messages or so, saying it’s important that we talk. She gets this look of oh shit on her face and says well that’s weird.