Sweet Black Lives Maga Shirt

This didn’t happen to me but my mom. She flew alone to Atlanta (from Puerto Rico) for a job interview that would change our life. We were relatively poor-lower middle class back then and this was going to give us a more comfortable life. The company had arranged a driver to pick her up but he never showed. My mom had no idea how to navigate around the airport, or how to get to the interview and was on the verge of tears and a panic attack.

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Sweet Black Lives Maga Shirt

When out of nowhere comes this lady who instinctively starts speaking to her in Spanish and says “are you lost? Let me help you.” She was also Puerto Rican and gave my mother a ride to her job interview from the airport (over an hour away). And if the world isn’t small enough, they later learned they had mutual friends from Puerto Rico including my mom’s boss so she knew exactly where to take her.

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