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It is steadiness and teammates which are the 1 and a pair of individuals blame as a substitute of themselves. They take the one precise person who ran it down of their recreation out of the final 200, or the one time they really encountered a champion that was approach too robust and was quickly hotfixed, and apply it to all of their losses, as the explanation their fucking silver video games are coin flips. A precise good participant may play under ADC and get out of silver in 30 video games, it isn’t your shit function or the steadiness workforce or your teammates who are holding you again. This “ADC is weak” section IMO is simply the subsequent large avenue for most of these excuses and ideas.

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This sub has all the time gotten feedback like “is it I or the standard has been going downhill recently?” and that is as a result of, sure, it is dangerous and it additionally doubtless turns into worse yearly. We had the final season. Hell, we had them just about every season prior and by the subsequent yr we may have them too, we could even have them as posts hitting frontpage. The one distinction now’s that each time anybody wonders why the sub sucks they’ll simply use the default “boards dangerous” get-out-of-jail-free card, very similar to my jungle who final picked writes “mid diff” as a result of I as Kassadin can not help him contest scuttle.