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Had a teacher in his, he taught English and was the JV FB coach he was a good man and well-liked. His wife worked directly below him teaching geography and pregnant, her family was known in the area for owning an apple orchard. They had their dream. The school officer’s daughter started saying she slept with him he denied but was promptly fired. He had a mental breakdown his wife divorced him last I know he was working at a time Fridays. His wife remarried and had another kid. The girl who lied came forward after and said she lied but it was too late he remained fired life ruined, she and her father transferred and moved out of town. That girl ruined his life and got no real consequences. Tragic.

Super Nice Animals What We Need Is A Mask In A Class Shirt

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I mentioned my father so that you’ll know how I know what happened in the meeting. He just knew that a girl has complained and now they are called. Also, the teacher we are talking about was EVERY student’s favorite. So other teachers were jealous and they all assumed he is very lenient and encourages us to not follow other teachers and stuff, so it might have made it hard for him to say he stayed professional always.

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