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It is and it isn’t. Ecotone species like deer love clear-cuts, so Summer Nights Dirt Track Light Shirt you can say it is “beneficial” to them. However, it causes cascading negative effects in the ecosystem – the most profound being that increasing deer population draws more predators like wolves and cougars, which predate the deer but also devastate at-risk species like caribou and Vancouver Island marmots which would not have otherwise had those predators in their habitat. Some birds also take advantage of nesting in clearcut edges, but it makes them more prone to brood parasites. I wrote a research paper on this topic which I kept as neutral as possible – As a BC/Sunshine Coast resident, I appreciate and understand the economic importance of our forest industry. All the clear-cuts that will never be replanted? Do you have a source on this? It is a legal obligation for licensees to reforest the harvested areas in BC. It’s been a legal obligation since the ’80s.

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