Sugar Skulls Day Of The Dead Celebration Shirt 

Man, I didn’t even pay attention to the last couple of drafts and I know you’re wrong. They said on the broadcast that it was the first time since 2015 without a trade in the top 10 picks. The first 10 rounds are usually the most boring cause everyone knows whos pretty much going there. The drama comes from figuring out which teams get them or if any trades happen. This draft saved the spice for the end, I was worried after the boring start.

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Sugar Skulls Day Of The Dead Celebration Shirt

I heard keep the “booze” common too. Got excited. Then remembered. Found it funny. But not as good as booze. Shoutout to the people behind the camera and on it tonight. Everything went pretty damn swimmingly all things considered. Not one major mishap that I can recall.

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