Sugar Skulls Day Of Dead Sans And Fell Shirt

After dinner one of my older brothers made it a thing where he would always try to pull on my legs as I try to run up the stairs (away from him). His daily dose of making sure I got enough tough love I guess. I would make a lot of noise so my parents would call on us to quit it. Then he would make fun of me for calling mom. The joke is on him, it was super effective. Lol.

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Some young women at my wife’s job kept showing her clips of Reno 911, and saying, “Can you believe people act like this?!” My wife explained multiple times that it’s from a scripted TV from the early 2000s and that it’s not real, but her co-workers kept insisting it was real. She even showed them the actors in other shows, and they still insisted the Reno 911 clip was police footage.

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