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You forgot corruption. While not nearly as corrupt as other countries, many politicians from both parties are essentially controlled by corporations, as the corporations provide funding for their campaigns and help them stay in power. And it is in the interest of health insurance corporations to prevent something like M4A. It would not be a biased or incorrect statement to say that this is much more a Republican problem than a democrat problem, though it affects both. Thank you for the insightful answer. This is actually well thought out and a lot of where I fall. I agree with a smaller Federal Government and am scared of the prospect of a potential DMV like the medical system with no competition.

To be honest that’s why I’ve been down with creating a Medicare rule where people can buy into it (i.e it doesn’t have to be just for seniors) if we’re being honest. Outright dissolving those companies would damn millions who work for the healthcare sector, like you said, and cause millions of Americans retirement stock accounts to diminish its value significantly. But by still have a public, and private, option that wouldn’t be a problem and it would encourage the private sector to do better and cover more since it would always have competition.