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I’m not giving up. Bernie’s got a movement of love and compassion. Joe Biden voted for a deadly useless war, touches people inappropriately, insults voters, and is failing mentally. He dropped like a fly before all those endorsements flooded to him. You really should try and understand why Bernie and #Notmeus is always gonna be the way. I’m also not giving up on Bernie in the race. Hopefully, you’ll be able to come around and understand in time.

For me, Bernie made me actually consider politics as something worth paying close attention to, not as something distant that just “happens.” He’s a good, honest person that has always tried his best to do the right thing, and he inspires me to do better and try harder to inspire the best in others. I don’t have the charisma to be into politics myself, but it made be passionate enough to sway my normally apathetic mother into voting (for Bernie even), when her usual mentality is “nothing you can do about it”, and convinced a coworker to go to the polls and cast their vote because, as I put it.