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That shitty pay scale is exactly the problem. These for-profit HHC and assisted living companies to pay LPNs (and sometimes RNs) minimum wage to keep their profits high, and it attracts healthcare workers that can’t get hired elsewhere. You get employees who are addicts, thieves, burnouts, and/or have been unable to keep a job in a reputable organization. Every once in a while you find a competent.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 80th Annual Celebration 2020 Halloween Shirt


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A compassionate person who cares about their patients, but in my experience, the majority of these folks are underqualified, unprofessional, and unethical at best. It’s a huge problem in the US healthcare system. I’ve seen so much dip shittery from these places that I’ll drive myself off a cliff before I end up in one.

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