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Certainly not the same but I understand what you mean. My parents found out after being married for 3 months that they hated each other. Instead of divorcing the stayed together for 20 years and had 2 children. I always say that they should never have married. When someone says the obvious, but then you would not exist. I always say, yeah but I would not know that now would I? How would I feel if I had never been born? I wouldn’t care. If I believe in reincarnation or the soul, maybe I would have been born to different parents who weren’t abusive and didn’t give me a ton of generic disorders.

Strong Girl Face Mask Tattoo Mechanical Engineer Not For The Weak Shirt

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It would’ve been nice if my mom aborted me. For some people, you’re actually doing them a favor by aborting them. fewer people will suffer on the planet. Think of all of the unwanted babies being born and thrown into the system. Lost forever. Suffering then dieing due to drug overdose. Or ending up in jail for robbery or harming someone else because they never felt loved and don’t know how to love. The trail of sorrows just left behind the unwanted child. I would rather be aborted and not deal with any of it.










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