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The media needs to cut this shit out. They are making Donald Trump into the damn underdog, AGAIN. He isn’t currently the underdog. He has allowed voter suppression to go fully unchecked and is actively threatening our constitutional right to vote. He is the incumbent for Christ’s sake! Stop making him into the underdog. Do people actually believe this? This idea that Don Junior is walking around worried the dad is going to lose the election is a democratic fantasy. I’ve seen it posted in several places. It’s just candy, stop falling for this gibberish.

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This is the biggest red herring to date. They are just trying to get people to relax. “Oh if he is afraid they are going to lose then they are probably going to lose”. It’s an attempt to make people feel complacent, just like 2016. People thought there was no way Trump would win, so they didn’t go out and vote. Don’t be those people. VOTE!!! The only demographic he will have more votes in will be with the racists. Hard to think he made more ground with white housewives or Christians. Just his family and the cult-like followers now, he killed the whole Republican Party.








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