Storm Area 51 Shirt

My parents had the Storm Area 51 Shirt the same kind of dog. It would regularly sleep while leaning on their fence. Then one day a kid wandering down. The street stuck his hand through the fence. Got a good handful of the ear of the sleeping dog. The kid needed stitches, and while the parents of the kid absolutely understood the dog did nothing wrong. The police were never involved it still ended up with. The child needs stitches over the things children are bound to do. Same here. I’ve only seen mine get defensive when she thinks someone is being aggressive to my baby brother (2), for example when my other brother (14) yelled at the little one for being in his room so the dog started barking at the older one when the little one cried. Fr. It’s not like we domesticated them 30,000 years ago to help hunt and guard livestock or anything.

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