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One of the authors was just given access to a one-on-one interview with Trump. Why would Trump allow that if the journalist outrageously fabricated such a ridiculous story about him? Btw the bombing hurricanes gaffe was referenced in a 2017 National Security Council memo and the White House refused to deny or affirm it, which is in your own link. I mean he is a douche and a bad president, but the media ramps that up to 1000 to the point where I have to fact check everything the media says about him. It’s often out of context out heavily biased.

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The fact that you had to start the headline with where you stand on Trump, is the exact problem currently in western society. Rationality and common sense have been completely circumnavigated by the militant left anti-Trump movement. It’s absolutely insane how much misinformation is spewed every single day about this guy by the media, CNN being notably shocking. Thank you for posting this. I hate Trump but can’t stand it when I see the manipulative photos posted like your reference. And then the tens of thousands of Redditors that just blindly upvote without a smidgeon of critical thinking involved…..just wow.