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I also agree with the people who say that we won’t be able to get any significant healthcare reform passed in this country with the current state of Congress. If Republicans remain in control of the Senate, we’re probably fucked no matter who wins the Presidency. However, the solution to that problem is not to give up and throw your hands in the air. If you really want Congress to become more progressive, then you have to go the polls and vote for people who share your beliefs. You have to go out to knock on doors and campaign for progressives. I don’t think that Medicare for All will be passed in the next 4 years, but if we keep pushing for it by sending more Progressives in Congress, I do believe that we will get there eventually.

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Well, no, not really. Headlines like this make people feel like republicans are right, and the media really is very left-leaning. Obviously, it is, but such a blatant example of it will make people who are unsure feel even more disillusioned, and potentially turn to the right where they can find validation on those feelings. People don’t like to have ideas shoved down their throats. Right-wing media has a fantastic way of playing into that attitude and introducing ideas while making people feel validated and righteous for agreeing with those ideas.