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I have found that when I tell a conservative that I’m a Libertarian they are generally accepting, but when I tell a Progressive that I’m a Libertarian they often jump to calling me Alt-Right. I don’t think that it’s so much that Republicans co-opt Libertarianism as much as that they are more open to ideas that run counter to their own. There is much more disagreement in the Republican party among Republicans than there is among Democrats as a whole, which both make Republicans less reactionary to ideas counter to their own, and makes them less effective at passing meaningful legislation when they have a majority.

Spooky Halloween Tee Shirt 2019 Mens Jersey Shirt

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I was up at the front when we got teargassed and the shit beat out of use for the church photo op. I watched cops aim directly at people with rubber bullets. I watched cops flip over a medical table and beat the shit out of the people who had just treated me for teargas. I watched people get smashed in the face with riot shields. I watched them surround us in an intersection and shoot teargas into the middle. They gave no (audible) warning, it was before curfew, and there was no discernible violence from any protesters other than a few plastic water bottles thrown at the police.






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