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I live in a small town in between Vancouver and Whistler. The town is the quietest I’ve ever seen. Everyone is staying home, Walmart has put up tape to mark social distancing in the isles. People helping out their neighbors and elderly. My neighbors have put up encouraging messages in their windows. The likelihood we get cases in town is pretty low if people continue to do what they’re doing, but it’s incredible how fast the town started to act way before it was mandatory. As much as I have faith in my government to do the right thing, the people are still being dumb as shit. People are not practicing social distancing, people are not being safe about gatherings, and people are absolutely fucking everywhere still and that’s really worrying to me.

Some Of Us Grew Up Listening To Duran The Cool Ones Shirt

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I live in Canada and I don’t think we’re doing enough. I think a lot of Canadians are in denial about that so far. We’re not exactly America or Italy but we’re about to get fucked. Here in Ontario, just about every business was deemed essential the other day, and now we have 75% wage subsidies for businesses federally. These are policies that keep people going to work, not isolating at home. Although I will say that Premier Legault and Health Minister (I don’t know if it’s the proper term, I’m not English) Horatio Arruda is doing an awesome job in Québec. They’ve shut down quite quickly everything and I think Montreal and Québec (the city) are going in confinement mode very soon.

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