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The number one thing I can say is to have a steal of spine and boundaries that are permeable but steady. I’m not the therapist who works 80-hour weeks and I’m not the therapist that answers emails on the weekend. If a client tells me they need to see me immediately I ask them if they should be calling 911 or if they can wait till next Wednesday. I had to find a lot of assertiveness in my own life. Learn to say no and say it loudly. I’m in grad school for counseling and I’m seconding this, that you sound like you’d be a phenomenal supervisor. From my understanding, it would open you up to opportunities like being a consultant for others, providing supervision for those in private practice, etc. without actually having to “be the boss”.

Snopy This Is How I Social Distance Sleeping Food Wifi Shirt

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Before I do anything I usually tell the client what I need to do. I let them know that the laws in the state and my license require me to report whatever it was just said. I tell them who I’m going to be reporting it to and help them process that. Now if the client is severely unstable or I feel unsafe I might not tell them but that’s literally not happened to me because I pride myself on being extremely transparent. Depends. The three rules of confidentiality (in my state in America but largely these are the big ones) are that I am to break confidentiality if I believe the patient will seriously hurt or kill themselves, seriously hurt or kill someone else, and if there is active or planned child or elder abuse happening.

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