Snoopy This Is How I Social Distance AC DC Shirt

It’s not even just old people dying. Even younger folks who don’t die are staying in the hospital for weeks because of COVID. Sometimes even if successfully cured, folks are getting permanent organ damage. As long as this virus is raging in the same ferocity as in the US, there is going to be no back to the normal version of the economy.

Snoopy This Is How I Social Distance AC DC Shirt


Pug If You Hurt My Dog I Will Slap You So Hard Even Google Won’t Be Able To Find You Shirt


Pug I’m Telling You I’m Not A Dog My Mom Said I’m A Baby And Mom Is Always Right Shirt


Lucy Van Pelt Snoopy Need More Cookies Shirt


Notice how Republicans are usually the ones to scream and kick and demand anybody suffering from depression or general ‘malaise’ just suck it up and push through it… RIIIGGGHHHT up until the point where there’s a global pandemic. THEN you need to kill a bunch of people, so that people don’t kill themselves because they’re depressed they can’t go out and get haircuts, or watch the game at a bar having beers with the bros.

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