Skull Marines No Lives Matter Shirt

I have fucking noticed. We’re one more huge technological advancement away from dragging our knuckles along the ground behind us when we walk. The arrogant false sense of intelligence I personally have is astounding. I am like a demigod from Greek mythology until I accidentally lock my phone and keys in my car and realize wait a minute, I…dodon’t…know anything? You can’t just cancel someone because they disagree with you. You cant cuss someone out at work because they don’t have the same beliefs.

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Let’s see. As a manager, I see lots of young adults who apply to our company and get hired that cannot do basic four-function math with a pencil and paper, cannot count back change, cannot subtract a number from one hundred, cannot spell, cannot fill out a formal form without using text slang, cannot read cursive or sign their name in cursive, cannot read a paper map, and cannot read an analog clock or watch.

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