Skeleton Weightlifting Shut Up Legs You’Re Fine Moon Shirt

I realized I get very hungry in the morning instead of at night, so I eat the majority of my nutritions around 11 am and end eating around 5 pm. Knowing my binge eating habit, I needed to eat something that has a high volume and low in calories, so I would have a BIG BIG salad as my first meal to fill my stomach up.

Skeleton Weightlifting Shut Up Legs You'Re Fine Moon Shirt

Skeleton Weightlifting Shut Up Legs You’Re Fine Moon Shirt

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In both photos, I did lots of weight lifting. The only difference was the INTENSITY of the workout. After I incorporated lifting heavier and training until failure, I realized what my body was capable of and made the whole workout process more fun and freakin difficult at the same time.

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