Skeleton Playing Drum Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

No, I’m not anymore suicidal than usual. I just find comfort in knowing that we all have an end in sight. It’s part of the reason I’m not religious. Heaven sounds like hell and hell makes no sense, but my consciousness dispersing back into the void? Mmm mmm, good! Playing 5 man competitive games with friends and try Harding. Had loads of time this year as I took a gap year but not many to play with since they were busy

Skeleton Playing Drum Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

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People make me happy: There is one guy I really romantically love, every second with him makes me happier. I have some friends that I platonically love, everytime I hang out with them or play online with them I feel so free and without problems. Hearing people happy makes me happy. My cat makes me happy, even when I’m sad he’s there to comfort me.

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