September Girl Walking In Faith Living My Blessed Life Happy Birthday To Me Shirt

Yo momma so fat her blood type is Ragu. She uses the freeway as a slip and slides Teeth so yellow when she smiles traffic slows down She was shaving her legs then the weed wackier ran out of gas. She so dumb she was in 8th grade for two terms, Reagan and Bush. I ran into her at Walmart she said get out of my way, I said where would I go? She said you dare say that to my face? I said, I’d say it behind your back but my car only has half a tank of gas. If she was an inch taller, she’d be round. Your mamma so fat she has 3 smaller women orbiting around her…everytime she turns around it’s her motherfuckin birthday…when she fell down and cut herself, gravy poured out…when I told her it was chilly outside, she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a spoon!

September Girl Walking In Faith Living My Blessed Life Happy Birthday To Me Shirt

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Honestly more excited for this than anything else. I wonder how much of the charm of the old Stalker games will be retained in this or if the larger focus on it being an important third party game for a broader audience will make it more streamlined for mainstream appeal. Metro was great, but it never quite scratched the same itch as Stalker. There’s something incredibly alluring about the mix of history and myth around Chernobyl that can’t be replicated by a more generic post-apocalyptic setting. Obviously, the exclusion zone is nothing like what’s in the Stalker games, but it does exist, and it is literally post-apocalyptic. And knowing that while playing just makes the fantasy of the game so much more convincing.

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