Senior 2021 Sunglasses Mask Graduation Shirt

Neither of us still plays but there’s still music in the house. Our oldest son plays the clarinet his mom had and our youngest plays the saxophone his dad played. Both of them also did the marching band. We’ve talked about relearning again. My fiancée and I met at band camp too! She misstepped and bumped into me and that’s how we met each other 🙂 I’m excited to have 20 years and more with my person to one day.

Senior 2021 Sunglasses Mask Graduation Hoodie

Senior 2021 Sunglasses Mask Graduation Shirt

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As a woman of similar age, I know she’ll appreciate the compliment. She’s beautiful, and I’m completely convinced that being happy makes you more attractive. They look just as happy (if not more) than they did on their wedding day. I know over two decades it hasn’t all been rainbows and sunshine, but they are both still loving life together. That’s the kind of relationship we can all hope for.

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