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And we cancel/disband the current police force; the new one will, of course, be made up of many currently serving officers, after careful review of their practices- who got ‘warrior training’, who had brutality reports to their name- and told, when you sign up for the new force, you are to be aggressively held to a higher standard both in and out of uniform for any crimes. Break the speed limit? Higher fines/points loss. Attack someone? Way stricter assault charges. Kill someone without provocation? Cool, a life sentence.

Rock Paper And Scissors LGBT Shirt

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Actual gangs formed within actual police departments that have NOT been shut down and are barely being investigated. Your statement is quite far off considering the perps are the ones that control the narrative, the evidence, and the inherent “trust” from the system. A company that routinely churns out 3-4 murderers per location and continues employing those murderers after multiple incidents would be under federal investigation and face record-setting class action lawsuits.









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