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Goddamn celery flavored ice cream. CELERY! Hubby and I ordered double cones. I got pistachio and cinnamon flavors, (for accuracy it was actually gelato, not ice cream as we were in germ central Venice) and the oh so friendly ice cream vendor spotted us each an extra blob for free. Hubby scored pomegranate, which was delicious, but I got bloody celery on mine. For the record, I HATE celery and hubby well knows it. He was laughing so bad. I was pouting like a spoilt little kid and he was laughing his arse off.

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I haven’t had a bad one yet, even purple yam, mung bean, jackfruit & purple yam combo, purple yam with boiled sweet beans, coconut, fruit & jello/jelly have been great but I am a bit dubious of trying some flavors like cheese, avocado, durian, crocodile egg & pandan, suckling pig flavor with crispy skin garnish, tilapia fish flavor, salted egg, green mango & salted fish puree, chocolate pudding with crispy fried anchovies, Thai chili & taro leaf, tamarind sorbet, silken tofu gelato, favors of Choc/Strawb/Vanilla but love trying most new flavors.