RBG You Can’t Spell Truth Without Ruth Shirt

I argue with my family every day that the American people are regressing. They say “well there are dumb people everywhere”. Well, Sharon, America likes to be number one in a lot of things huh? We’re so fuckin blind and naive to everything happening right in front of us. Or we see it and blatantly ignore it. I’m 40 and I have seen student debt, lost wages lost homes, and I still don’t understand how my generation is blame for every ill in society. My generation got fucked in the ass with no lube by the boomers and it all started with Ronald Fucking Regan trickle-down bullshit.

RBG You Can’t Spell Truth Without Ruth Shirt


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I seem to remember you were the punk MTV generation and you were the chosen ones to change everything. There’s still time to join Millenials and zoomers and try to make a difference. Weed is now legal in many states, gay marriage is legal, don’t ask don’t tell is repealed, most of those things are entire because Gen X is replacing boomers in leadership.