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I agree with you but the farmer is not to blame. He makes milk. He is not a transportation company or charity or marketing firm to spend half a day calling people to see if they’d take the milk. He has a farm to run – it takes ALL of his time. Nobody just came and picked up his milk. Huge industrial evaporator to remove water and pasteurize. Then separated into milk and solids. Standardized to a specific mix of fats. Finally, it is sprayed down massive towers (roughly 100 feet or so) of extremely hot air. The powder falls down at the bottom and is collected and mixed with additives.

Raccoon Let’S Get Trashed Sunset Shirt


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You cant build a milk powder factory in a week to deal with the level of surplus that we have. by the time the factory is up and producing, the lockdown will be over. Also, good luck building even a treehouse during the lockdown, never mind a high tech food processing plant. I’m ‘not buying it’ either, 6th largest City in the Country of people waiting in line trying to get food because they are broke. Just cause no broker in NYC isn’t jumping out the window like the day after the stock market crash doesn’t mean people aren’t in need. Will be gong back to eating possums and raccoons soon enough just to eat.