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Rogan if that’s the case then very well he should be treated with such high regard but another part of his fan base sees joe as a common man comedian speaking his mind for fun. Can we just acknowledge this dilemma of when joe slips on the air we forgive him cause he’s just a comedian but simultaneously we can’t let him just say whatever when it’s factually incorrect when we hold him as high as journalists and the media as some like to do?

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Queen Of Halloween Are Born In December Shirt

I mean you would think that Spotify execs will realize that caving to these demands would mean undercutting the primary appeal of the JRE. A large part of what people appreciate about his podcast is that he can talk to whomever he wants, says whatever he wants, go on for as long as he wants, etcetera. If anything creates the perception that this is no longer the case, subscribers will lose interest and his podcast won’t have the same draw.


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