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Right-wing authoritarians don’t think up arguments on their own. The whole point of being a right-wing authoritarian is repeating what you’ve been told to think and compartmentalizing facts so you never have to second-guess the authority figure, or yourself. Yup this is the takeaway. I mentioned this before about how conservatives are very cut and dry. They don’t like to think for themselves, only given the illusion that it’s their thoughts that they came up with.

Quarantine 2020 Covid Christmas Shirt


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I actually found myself looking up three different quotes today and all 3 he actually said. The quotes are so dumb I actually thought there was no way they were real. One was about windmills and cancer, another about airports in the revolutionary war, and third was the weird think the quote above. pretty much confirming that he was receiving cognitive testing for any signs of damage caused by cluster strokes caused by TIAs