Pumpkin’s Kisses And Harvest Wishes Shirt

yea, the election is almost here and all they managed to do in four years was remove the enrollment mandate. his answer to pre-existing conditions is that they’ll cover them, but they’re already covered under Obamacare. Awesome! Maybe it’s possible that more Republican voters could actually– gasp — adjust their political opinions based on what happened in reality instead of on Fox News last night? This gives me hope.

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Pumpkin Kisses And Harvest Wishes Shirt

It kind of amazes me how transparently dumb Trump is. I mean when one reads the words he says, they just don’t amount to cogent thoughts. He really tried to pitch that Joe Biden was planning to repeal Obamacare, but he wouldn’t? He literally tried for years. He’s trying even now! Literally there are cases in the Judicial.

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