Proud Member Of The Cocktail Party 2020 Shirt

I’ve had people call in crying & throwing a hissy fit as if it’s our fault they decided that cheaping out on a $300 wedding dress from a Chinese website wasn’t sus AF. While I sometimes sympathize with customers in these situations, most of them just want to unleash their bridezilla fury on us once they realize we can’t just “give a refund” (can’t refund money that’s been removed from the beneficiary account, criminal activity is a police matter).

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I even had one lady straight up tell me she was “like…90% sure” it was a scam but thought we could just “put the money back” if she didn’t get the dress in the photo. She learned a hard lesson that day. These people don’t even reverse image search the item before buying it. When we go through the evidence, it’s almost always a stolen image of a gown worth 20k+, or a gown that was part of a photo shoot, runway show, or art gallery that had never been available for sale. We contact the artist if we can, so they’re aware that someone is selling a scam version of their product. They’re rarely surprised.

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