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Sounds legit, right? Well, it wasn’t. Because the way Ralston used the law was to delay trials indefinitely … and by indefinitely, we mean for a DECADE at times. In the case of an Ohio preacher accused of repeated child rape, the case was delayed from 2012 until 2019, at which point the preacher was able to secure a plea deal that involved a decade of parole and no prison time after admitting his guilt for sexual battery of a child. Repeat: no prison time for the sexual battery of a child. Just for the record, this guy Ralston is a true human scumbag. Not just because of his political beliefs and his willingness to subvert democracy to ensure his hold on power.

Prison Break 15th Anniversary 2005 2020 Thank You For The Memories Shirt

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Well, in Georgia the law guarantees MOST people the right to a speedy trial. But not the people victimized by David Ralston’s clients. See, Ralston helped draft a law a couple of decades ago that allowed attorneys who were also state legislators to delay court proceedings in cases they were involved in, so they could complete their legislative duties and then tend to their legal duties after the legislative session was over. Just as Ralston has done for other clients charged with violent or heinous crimes, he used his elected position to delay hearings and court dates, preventing the case from moving forward in the Gilmer County justice system.“That’s why I gave him 20,000 bucks,” Shell told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He’s worth every penny of it.”

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