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Of the four countries with the highest number of cases, we have the highest case count and the lowest death count. One of the reasons being restrictions LIFTED from private companies, spurring the production of life-saving equipment. Not sure what socialism and nationalization would have done differently, but that’s not how you all think, is it? You just want to complain and ask for the government to take care of every aspect of your lives so you can sit on Reddit feeling like you “made a difference”

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Americans today lack the courage and conviction of our forefathers. The most they will do is show up a couple times a year (some of them, fully paid) to check a box on a piece of paper; and remember, the majority can’t even be arsed to do that. Anything that requires more action than that is someone else’s problem at best and viewed as outright impossible at worst. If you want to change, you make good faith efforts within the system, and if they fail — you act aside from it. Full stop. Until Americans have that courage again, we deserve to live in the cesspool of cronyism and corruption we’ve allowed ourselves to slide into.