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For example, trans women aren’t like biological women because they still have to struggle through not knowing how it feels to grow up as a biological girl where you’re accepted by society, have your period, or even get pregnant (quoting Blair White) But hey this is just my opinion and it should be taken with a grain of salt I don’t represent the trans community so I can’t really give a very deep and insightful answer to this other than from what I’ve talked to with my trans friends and people online.

Pretty WTF Wine Turkey Family Shirt


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Just to throw this out there, JK Rowling does not believe that trans women are different, she believes they are not women. Not only has she said this on multiple occasions, she often supports brands that carry out this message (she literally shared a brand that sold “trans women are not women badge). Because of the insane amount of backlash she got, she now uses the “not the same” argument, but do not be fooled, she is a TERF.