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I don’t want to see Trump’s personal tax return so I can mock him. I want to see the balance sheets for every entity he owns. I want to see the liabilities. Tax returns alone do not tell the whole story either, but seeing several consecutive years of returns would be telling. It is Congresses job to oversee and thereby maintain public confidence in the executive. His reticence to allow them to perform that crucial function is the reason his tax returns are still in the news every day. I just want to know if my president is actually working for me, and he is throwing up barriers to us knowing that for certain at every turn. I want a president who complies with Congress even when it costs him something personal. That’s the job Trump has, the job he wanted. He needs to just do it.

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A year and a half or so later, we are finally seeing some information about his personal income tax return, a Form 1040, the same that you and I and virtually everyone else files on an annual basis. So what can we actually surmise from the information that has come to light today? Can we say for certain that Trump is guilty of tax evasion and not just tax avoidance? No, we cannot say that for certain, at least I’m not comfortable doing so without seeing the forms with my own eyes and, more importantly, seeing the tax returns for all the entities that Trump owns (the income and losses from most of which, despite what people are saying elsewhere, should be reported on his 1040).