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My dad knew the Santa/elves and had gotten the book ahead of time for them to give to me. Yeah, he could have just been like “Yeah, I’m going to give you what you asked for and help you set up a “lab” in your bedroom.” But he specifically removed himself from the giving and took no credit for it. After I learned the truth about Santa, I was obsessed with doing things like my dad did when I gave gifts to other people, including another family/friends/colleagues. It’s cool to be thanked and acknowledged for something, but I find the holidays to be more fun when that magic and mystery (through selfless giving) makes someone’s day memorable.

Pretty Single Taken Mentally Dating Chandler Bing Shirt


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According to me the former portraits “Hope” while the latter “obligation”. Santa Claus might be a lie but it still does its thing “be a good boy and Santa will come”. Whilst if we tell them the truth then the ” good boy” things shift to “good parents” stuff. It’s not their responsibility anymore to be good or bad. Plus if you gift them a cheap product you have an excuse ready. Lol. It sets them up for the bigger illusion of the God character that is introduced during older adolescence. If you can get your child to believe nonsense when they are young it makes it easier to keep them believing nonsense as they grow up.