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And it isn’t transphobic to say that, or believe that, because.. well, it’s true. It isn’t a dog whistle always, and it isn’t necessarily transphobic just because some people use it that way. And it pushes away trans-allies who happen to be scientifically minded – and that they become “transphobic” because they won’t concede the point and pretend that cis and trans women are the same sex and gender… just ignores reality. How is the “biology argument” a gateway way to more dangerous ideas? That’s only from one perspective. It’s not as if the argument is baseless it’s just ya know fact. Be all means I understand though I just don’t get why saying the truth is wrong.

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Hopping on this comment to ask this. Ok so in my personal opinion I consider transexual kind of like a mental illness (and that isn’t a negative thing! mental illness shouldn’t be stigmatized. I get how it can sound like a dog whistle but that isn’t the way I’m using it) Like if someone is anorexic you wouldn’t give them surgery to help them lose more weight. If someone has a distorted image of themselves shouldn’t you help counsel them to accept who they are instead? Like it’s not the same as conversion therapy…