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Yep, that’s my take too. I come from Asian heritage were eating pig ears/chicken feet/fish heads are common. Fried fish skin, fried chicken tail, pig blood cake, I’ve eaten it all and this all came from the idea that 1) raising an animal is expensive, may as well make use of as much of it as possible and 2) an animal died for our consumption, let’s not let it go to waste. My mom’s guilt-tripped me into eating this as a child at her friend’s house. I ate some on a cracker and hated it. She made me eat more. So I palmed them and stuffed them between the couch cushions. This was almost 30 years ago. I sometimes wonder if they’re still on that couch.

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Menopausal people, if your doctor tries to prescribe you Premarin, ask for an alternative! The hormones in this drug are extracted from pregnant mare urine (it’s in the name, don’t have to look too hard). These horses are tied in a straight stall, hooked up to collection devices without adequate room to move or lay down. Once the foals are born, they are re-bred as soon as possible to continue the collection cycle. What happens to the foals? Some get sold/adopted to loving homes, the rest gets shipped off to become Ikea meatballs. They’re just a byproduct all in the name of getting rid of your hot flashes.

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