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I was blindsided by it. We lived together for a year about an hour from my hometown. We relocated, upon her request and desire, to my hometown prior to our marriage so that when we had kids, it’s best to be close to family. We had a house we loved, a dog we loved, jobs we both loved working in…or so I thought. Married in October. We dated for 5 years but on the honeymoon, we had a big argument over my liberal use of sunscreen. She refused to wear any because of ‘chemicals’ and I liberally use it due to my ginger skin. We seriously argued over this for a good hour and she refused to even go into the pool with me because of sunscreen chemicals.

Pretty Never Walk Alone Chihuahua Dog Ugly Christmas Shirt

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the sister filed for divorce and after the divorce was settled, she wasn’t really mad at him anymore, so she went to see him and forgave him. they became good friends and the sister helped him become comfortable with his sexuality. she even helped him come out to his close friends and then to his family. her sister would ask if everything was okay and he would say “I’m fine” every time. her sister didn’t want to push him, so she waited for him to talk about what’s bothering him.