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JonTron. Ever since he did that debate with Destiny and stood behind a lot of those alt-right talking points about ethnostates and stuff, and afterward said that he thought what he said wasn’t that bad, and is now trying to deny the election, it’s just too much. Can’t enjoy the goofs and the gaffs anymore used to watch Dave Rubin many years ago because he seemed like someone who was interested in hearing multiple perspectives and arguing with ideas rather than people. I’ve never been conservative personally, but I thought it might be interesting to hear from folks who weren’t raging loons like Ben Shapiro (then he had Ben Shapiro on his show lol).

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As his YouTube channel continued to grow, though, I noticed that he was really intellectually dishonest. He held onto this “classical liberal” label for some strange reason, yet only ever invited conservative or far-right people on his show, and never really questioned anything they said. If you can debate someone and still be friends with them, why not debate on your own show? For example, he may have someone on his show that thinks gay marriage is bad, but Dave won’t say anything against it or offer even a minor argument in opposition.

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