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It’s getting worse too. Even though he’s Native, most people read him as Latino. It’s always been a little bit of an issue, but with Trump’s whole bUiLd ThE wAlL shtick, it’s been more frequent and more intense. Sometimes I genuinely worry about his safety, given that one day homeboy’s sarcastic ass might not realize the kind of situation he’s in until it’s too late.

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Brown man here, been married to two white women and have a mixed offspring. This isn’t Trump’s America. This is just America. Not defending Trump, but the most money I have made was during his presidency, until covid hit. So it’s not an administration thing, it’s an American cultural thing. This won’t change when Trump is gone, it didn’t change when Obama was president and it won’t change once Harris is president. It’ll take a few more generations and it’ll only really make a difference once we stop electing officials based on their skin color or sex, but on their competency. Looking at you Harris.