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Yeah. Funny how civility happens when you’re in person with people you know…Online… Everyone wants to be the next agent provocateur media pundit/”comedian’s just easy to project your demons on to a faceless username. On Reddit, anyone not for Biden is projected as a MAGA hat-wearing, fascist-white supremacist. I wish I was joking but I’ve literally seen comments where someone posted someone’s username and went down a list labeling them all these things despite knowing nothing about them. It’s a lot more difficult to do this IRL when you see someone that doesn’t conform to your stereotype.

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Nice Rooster Witch Happy Halloween Shirt - Design By T-shirtbear.comAgreed. It’s all annoying. I’d just prefer mods to do their job and didn’t try to push their ideology. I hate the fact that you can berate, insult, curse, and name call anyone on a post or comment, but if you try to discredit the idea they are trying to sell, they will ban you. Usually without warning. And usually permanently. You’re allowed to publicly hate on someone, but you had better respect their thoughts or you’re out.

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